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Language: Basic English

Instructors: M. Irfat

Validity Period: 730 days

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Why this course?


Course Curriculum

AUD - Auditing
Section A - Audit Reports
Topic 1 of 11 - Professional Standards
Topic 2 of 11 - Audit Engagements
Topic 3 of 11 - Forming an Audit Opinion
Topic 4 of 11 - Unmodified (Unqualified) Opinion
Topic 5 of 11 - Modified Opinions Due to Financial Statement Issues
Topic 6 of 11 - Modified Opinions Due to Audit Issues
Topic 7 of 11 - Emphasis of Tatter, Other Tatters, and Explanatory Paragraphs
Topic 8 of 11 - Reporting with Different Opinions and Other Auditors
Topic 9 of 11 - Subsequent Events
Topic 10 of 11 - Other Information and Supplementary Information
Topic 11 of 11 - Special Purpose and Other Country Frameworks
Section B - Quality Control, Engagement Acceptance, Planning and Internal Control
Topic 1 of 9 - Quality Control
Topic 2 of 9 - Documentation
Topic 3 of 9 - Terms of Engagement
Topic 4 of 9 - Planning
Topic 5 of 9 - Using the Work of Others
Topic 6 of 9 - Materiality
Topic 7 of 9 - Risk Assessment – Part 1
Topic 8 of 9 - Risk Assessment – Part 2
Topic 9 of 9 - The Effect of Information Technology on Audit
Section C - Risk, Evidence and Sampling
Topic 1 of 10 - Fraud Risk
Topic 2 of 10 - Audit Risk
Topic 3 of 10 - Identifying, Assessing and Responding to Risk
Topic 4 of 10 - Specific Areas of Engagement Risk
Topic 5 of 10 - Sufficient Appropriate Evidence
Topic 6 of 10 - Procedure to Obtain Evidence
Topic 7 of 10 - Financial Ratios
Topic 8 of 10 - Sampling – Part 1
Topic 9 of 10 - Sampling – Part 2
Topic 10 of 10 - Audit Data Analytics
Section D - Performing Further Procedures, Forming Conclusions and Communications
Topic 1 of 10 - Revenue Cycle
Topic 2 of 10 - Expenditure Cycle
Topic 3 of 10 - Cash Cycle
Topic 4 of 10 - Inventory Cycle
Topic 5 of 10 - Investment Cycle
Topic 6 of 10 - Other Transactions Cycle
Topic 7 of 10 - Matters That Require Special Consideration
Topic 8 of 10 - Misstatements and Internal Control Deficiencies
Topic 9 of 10 - Written Representations
Topic 10 of 10 - Communication With Management and Those Charged With Governance
Section E - Integrated Audits, Attestations Engagements, Compliance and Government Audits
Topic 1 of 8 - Integrated Audit Procedures
Section E - Topic 1 of 8
Topic 2 of 8 - Communication and Reporting in an Integrated Audit
Section E - Topic 2 of 8
Topic 3 of 8 - Attestations Engagements and Standards
Topic 4 of 8 - Agreed Upon Procedures and Prospective Financial Statements
Topic 5 of 8 - Reporting on Controls at a Service Organisation
Topic 6 of 8 - Reporting on Compliance
Topic 7 of 8 - Government Audits
Topic 8 of 8 - Single Audits
Section F - Auditing and Review Service Engagements, Interim Reviews and Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
Topic 1 of 9 - SAARS Engagements
Section F - Topic 1 of 9 - SSARS Engagement
Section F - Topic 1 of 9 - SSARS Engagement
Topic 2 of 9 - Preparation Engagements
Section F - Topic 2 of 9 - Preparation Engagement
Section F - Topic 2 of 9
Section F - Topic 3 of 9 - Compilation Engagement
Topic 3 of 9 - Compilations Engagements
Section F - Topic 3 of 9
Topic 4 of 9 - Review Engagements
Section F - Topic 4 of 9
Topic 5 of 9 - Review Reports
Section F - Topic 5 of 9
Topic 6 of 9 - Interim Reports
Section F - Topic 6 of 9
Topic 7 of 9 - The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct
Section F - Topic 7 of 9
Topic 8 of 9 - Ethical Requirements of the SEC and PCAOB
Section F - Topic 8 of 9
Topic 9 of 9 - Ethical Requirements of the GOA and DOL
Section F - Topic 9 of 9
Exam Strategy Session

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